Get Comfortable Travel Oil

Made in New York
Apply on pressure points to release stress or just to have a fresh scent on.
Contains Vitamin E, Amber, Lavender & Ylang Ylang.
Comforting travel oil blend that soothes. Use on the plane, in the hotel, or before bed at home. 20ml black glass frosted bottle with roller. 

Amber oil helps to calm the mind, protect heart health, stimulate the libido, eliminate pain, increase circulation, treat respiratory disorders, prevent inflammation, boost the brain and detoxify the body.

Lavender oil helps to Reduce anxiety and emotional stress, Protect against diabetes symptoms, Improve brain function, Help to heal burns and wounds, Improve sleep, Restore skin complexion and reduce acne, Slow aging with powerful antioxidants, and Relieve pain.

Ylang Ylang Oil helps to to improve blood flow and fight inflammation, supports a healthy circulatory system, Mood Enhancer, Skin Health Preserver, and Natural Energizer. 

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